Consulting/Education Mediation Services

Education Mediation Services

What types of consulting/advocacy services will CASPER MINDS provide to you, your family, your child/children?

CASPER MINDS will help the implementation of strategies in the home, school, church, soccer, etc. CASPER MINDS will also help to ensure that your parental rights are being adhered to by the school district, county and that your child/children are receiving their education in the Least Restrictive Environment among other supports needed to ensure success in the school environment.

If the consultant attends the Individual Education Program , Functional Behavior meetings in the school arena, I will need at least a two week notice or 7 business days to ensure attendance.

Cost per formal session: The fee of $100 Dollars an hour for advocacy and consulting work. $150 for mediation and Due Process. An initial fee of $125 for the initial consultation. This includes hours in preparation of meeting, time spent at meetings as well as any required work to complete the process.