Kindergarten to 2nd GradeRecently identified individuals who require additional support with friendships, routines, anxiety control, anger management plus other skills needed for everyday life.

3rd Grade to 5th GradeIndividuals identified by medical persons, and/or school staff as needed additional support with friendship skills, maintain friendships, positive peer relationships, flexibility in thinking plus transition to middle school.

Middle School Girls and BoysIndividuals who require support with empathy, transition, thinking outside of the box, flexibility in thinking, anger management, positive self-esteem, cultivating social skills needed for everyday life. Using slang, idioms, humor, in conversations currently. Transition to High School, plus other skills needed to make every individuals a positive member of the community.

High School Girls and BoysIndividuals who require support with transition to high school. Social Skills for life, communication skills for life, (interviews, speeches, self-advocacy, girls/boys) Organization, task completion, homework completion, friendships both positive and negative. Understanding what High Functioning Autism/Asperger's Syndrome is and how it affects your life.

Lego Play GroupParents already know the benefits of LEGO play but most people are unaware of the powerful benefits it has for children with ASD. ASD Aid aims to provide sustainable access for disadvantaged children to LEGO Play Therapy.

Avatar 18+ (Adult Group)For adults with social skills deficits. We meet once a week on Tuesday evenings at the Super Target on HWY 28. However, we do move our locations depending on what type of lesson we are doing that week. I always call and follow up with clients to ensure they know where to meet.

Tutoring / SOL PrepFor 1:1 tutoring, SOL Prep, ACT and SAT Prep. I have an unique ability to help individuals with social deficits and learning struggles in their academic pursuit.

Freedom Fighters (Daycare, Private schools and other organizations)Working with businesses, schools and organizations to provide strategies, accommodations and supports to enhance the business, school and organizations understanding of individuals with Social Skills Deficits.

Family Support Group - For Parents and Family MembersFamily support group is an added function of CASPER MINDS. This will entail discussion of up and coming topics for each group. For Example, is your child going from pre-K to Kindergarten? What types of questions should you be asking his/her teacher? What types of behaviors are you seeing at home? How can other parents/adults help with your stress? Plus additional topics. This is Free.

Consulting/Education Mediation ServicesAre you unsure if your child is getting everything they should be from their school or Individual Education Program? Are your parental rights and your child's rights being meet? Do you need input for an upcoming meeting or just need some expert advice? This is a service that you and your child need, don't be left in the dark ages of special education.