Places to Go and Things to Do

Practical Practice of Social Skills


  • Bowling: Bowling is one of the events that the kids will do as a hands on social skills lesson. This will give the students a chance to have fun, practice their skills in a normal environment.


  • Laser Tag and Video Arcade: Panther Family Laser Tag and Video Arcade Fun Center is both used for individual and team play. This builds team work with also working on independence.


  • Movie Theatre: Works on ordering skills, eye contact, tone of voice, money skills, waiting, patients, plus sensory skills. This also is an age appropriate activity that all age groups do.


  • Bouncy Castle: This activity would be for the Kindergarten (Airbenders and Waterbenders) though 5th grade groups. We will be working on skills such as appropriate sensory input, appropriate play, following directions and rules.


  • Restaurant: Ordering from a menu, money skills, conversation skills, eye contact, manners. This Activity would be for the Middle School through High School groups. (Earthbenders and Firebenders)


  • Swimming: Swimming can lead to great physical, emotional and sensory sills. This is an activity that can become both an individual and team sport.


  • Smithsonian Museums: Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC are a great way to practice riding the Metro, taking public transportation and plus enjoying the Nationals Capital.